A Demon and a Choice

Not that we have all the information or anything...

Per Aston’s directions, TEPCO (and their luck) headed south.

On the road, we didn’t get far before a demon showed up with a deal we couldn’t refuse. A self-drawing map in exchange for the coin that silly little kid gave us! Did I say we couldn’t refuse? Just kidding.

Let the records show that Tali and I were not all about the sentimentality. We wanted to give the demon his due and enjoy our map. I just…had a feeling, you know? Easy street. No more getting lost. No more wondering where we should go.

Hansel also had a feeling. That feeling was “ARM YOURSELVES!” which he hissed multiple times.

We did the arming thing, and the saying no thing, and imps materialized around us. Apparently Hansel was right. The demon wasn’t testing our sentimental attachment to a kid’s trinket. The coin was clearly worth something.

The demon vanished, and we took on the imps. Of course, we bungled it up as we’re prone to do. SOMEONE didn’t keep the coin in the convenient Bag of Holding (or, as I like to call it, the Bag of You Can’t Steal This One Thing). That someone was Chases. In the midst of battle, we all knew that if we managed to save this coin, Chases officially lost bag privileges.

Tali saved the day. No sooner had one of the thieving imps snatched the coin, than Tali fell on him with the fury of a pickpocket rogue. She stole the coin back. (Over yonder, Andro was shooting at the theiving imp so poorly she tripped over her feet; Hansel was doing much the same, shooting so poorly he hit Andro. True facts.)

All of the imps got away…which gave Tali endless material for her “I fucking told you all so” rant.



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