A Modern History of Chelona

It has been 30 years since the first recorded portal opened up near Kincardine, and a small band of varied creatures walked through. Their pasts and stories were muddled and incomprehensable, and the villagers drove them away, frightened of what evil brought them to their world. The first tales of the Kincardine portal were believed to be rumors and nonsense. However, over the next two decades, more portals began to open up across Chelona, and the Eladrin took notice. The noble fey race sent out 10 skilled envoys to seek out these portals. 5 of those groups were to find and gather the strange beings who came from the portal and return them to Eladrin cities for protection and questioning, while the other 5 were sent to scout out portals, and find out what was on the other side. None of those who have went through the portals have yet to return.

10 years ago, a series of earthquakes brought about a strange, thick mist began to form inside an ancient, mostly uninhabited forest about 40 miles south of Kincardine in Western Chelona. The mist has begun to spread from the forest, and is getting thicker every day, and the earthquakes have become more frequent. Natives have begun calling the area the “Cloud Forest”, and has drawn the attention of the nearby scholars. The renowned Trinity University has chartered a small but capable band of adventurers to head down to the Cloud Forest to find the origin of the mist.

The most recent and alarming trend in the changing environment has been a growing number of reports of rocks falling from the sky like rain, which has killed both people and livestock alike.

Interaction between races in the world of Chelona

A Modern History of Chelona

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