Gilderoy Flockhart

Tiefling Invoker


Lawful Good Invoker worshipping the God Bahamut.


After traveling through the Portal and landing in unfamiliar territory, Gilderoy Flockhart took up residence in a temple nearby that worshipped Bahamut, as they were kind and did not shy away from his jarring Tiefling appearance. One day, while Gilderoy was doing his daily chores, a young, half-Eladrin female came to the front door. Gilderoy Phobe, accustomed to the shocked looks, forgave the woman her initial surprise, but then was taken aback when the girl threw muffins at his face and sang (mildly out of key): “You have no chance! No social skills! And girls don’t like you, either!” This was rather jarring. And what did this half-Eladrin know of that anyway? Plenty of girls liked him, just none in this weird strange world he ended up in.

While working at the temple of Bahamut, a traveling band of minstrels stopped by one day to take advantage of the temple’s charity. One man finally asked him how he had arrived at this temple as he had seen someone who hid similar features three days ago. He replied that he had been staying at this temple for quite some time and had little memory of times before then. He asked if he knew a girl named Kallista and she replied that he did not, but that name had a strong pull to him…like he was trying to remember a city he had never visited. The man began to tell him of a female who looked similar to him named Kallista and lived at a temple several days travel away. Gilderoy, after much procrastination and denial, set out one day to find this other Tiefling.

Gilderoy was shocked when he found Kallista. That girl had his face! Well, not exactly. It had more feminine features but their features were the same for the most part, except for a mole shaped like Wayne Newton on his right buttock, Gilderoy felt a strange kinship to Kallista. He was relieved there was someone else in this world that looked like him. Were there others scattered around this land that also looked like her? Was this a long lost family member that she did not recall? Was she cloned? Was her soul split in two and the other half deposited in this girl? Did she make a horcrux and forget? Were they married? Were they dating? Were the related? Does this look infected to you?

Gilderoy knew he had to find answers. After much discussion with Kallista and befriending her after finding out they had so much in common (they both wore lipstick shades in the dusky pink area with nail colors to match), Gilderoy and Kallista began to wander the land together on a Divine Mission searching for enlightenment and answers for the puzzle of their apparent joint heritage. As they traveled and meditated, their journey took them to a land filled with fog. Did their answers lie within this fog? There was only one way to find out…

Gilderoy Flockhart

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