• Andraste Pfile

    Andraste Pfile

    A bit snarky and condescending, Andraste only offers her opinion often because she knows she's right. Lady Catherine had nothing on Andraste, though they share one common belief: They hate that bitch.
  • Baltasar Hjördinsson

    Baltasar Hjördinsson

    A surly dwarf who seems somewhat resentful of the TEPCO group he has found himself traveling with. He's soft-spoken and moody, but one can't help but wonder if he was dragged into this whole mess by his close friend Hansel.
  • Eroithial Von Trapp

    Eroithial Von Trapp

    A bard with a lute, a quill, a jinx shot, and a bit of an existential crisis.
  • Gilderoy Flockhart

    Gilderoy Flockhart

    Tiefling Invoker
  • Hansel Andgrettle

    Hansel Andgrettle

    A passionate and ambitious little dwarf who's been exiled from his home, along with Baltasar. He is very proud, and refuses to discuss his previous encounter with Erothiel.
  • Hetero Phobe

    Hetero Phobe

    Homo Phobe's twin sister
  • Petter Pfile--In Mourning

    Petter Pfile--In Mourning

    Petter is the witty, sharp-tongued, and overly-competitive Eladrin warlock. He is always at odds with his sister, though if anyone lays a hand on her noble body, he'll unleash hell on them. Literally.
  • Tali Summersand

    Tali Summersand

    The beautiful and deceiving halfling of TEPCO who is easy to trust, and quick to betray.Chases the Storm seems to be the only person Tali trusts, and she is very defensive about her past.
  • Aston


    The unofficial leader of Kincardine, whose job it is to settle the rare dispute.
  • Grisha


    Grisha is the brusque dragonborn assistant at The Drunken Bard in Kincardine. He seems welcome among the commonfolk, but his past is a mystery.
  • Silvano


    Owns the Drunken Bard tavern in Kincardine